Covid-19 Response

In 2020, Dalbit Kenya offered a Ksh 21.3m grant to Amref Health Africa to support the Government of Kenya’s efforts to step-up Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) testing activities at the Amref Central Laboratory (ACL). This involves testing and analyzing samples, easing the existing facilities likely to be overwhelmed by growing demand as the Government works to contain the Coronavirus pandemic in Kenya.

Dalbit also donated US$200,000 to CURE International and the Zambian Ministry of Health to support their efforts to increase the supply of medical equipment as they look to slow the spread of Covid-19. US$100,000 was allocated directly to Beit-CURE Hospital in Lusaka to procure face masks, face shields, examination gloves, sanitizers, and hygiene soaps. The other half amounting to US$100,000 was used to procure various medical equipment and supplies for onward donation to the people of Zambia through the Ministry of Health. Parts of the funds were also used to support Covid-19 testing among CURE patients and health care workers to enhance infection control and protection.

CURE International was chosen by Dalbit due to its long history of serving the most vulnerable children in the regions in which it operates. This partnership will allow CURE to carry out their valuable work of tending to children with treatable conditions.